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NDIAA Awards Criteria

The preferred criteria for a nomination are as follows (not in order):

Player of the Year 

Coach of the Year 

  • All-around player with excellent all-round statistics
  • Being an outstanding team player
  • A show of respect for those in authority
  • Passion for the game in between the lines
  • Willingness to help his teammates get to the next level
  • Involvement in the community
  • A consistently positive attitude (conduct, outlook)
  • Is being respected by his/her teammates
  • Creates an environment conducive to learning and having fun
  • Is a teacher of the game
  • Receives All-Tournament honors at a tournament or/and local/league honors
  • Should be among the top-10 in position-specific statistic categories
  • Must have a good IQ in respective sport
  • A commitment to a good reputation among the school & sports communities
  • Excellence in the workplace
  • A show of respect for those in authority
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Careful consideration and crafting of the words he/she chooses to use
  • An ability to bring the best out in a team
  • Willingness to go above and beyond to help a player get to the next level
  • A consistently positive outlook
  • That he/she is respected by his/her peers in the team community

 National Champions


  • Finished in top 3 based on Division level at a major Deaf tournament (i.e. ESDAA, WSBC, Mason Dixon, GPSD, Clerc, SpikeOut, Willigan and Hoy)
  • Sectional, Regional & League playoffs appearance and its results
  • League champions if possible
  • The records of playing against Deaf schools must be than .500
  • If there are two or more teams are being considered, then the preferred criteria (not in order) below should be heavily reviewed:
  1. Head-to-head results
  2. Final won/loss record
  3. Final season outcome (advanced in Sectional, Regional, State tournament?)
  4. Total tournament W/L record and Degree of difficulty
  5. Common opponents
  • One of your best players
  • Being a team player
  • Receives an All-Tournament honors at a tournament or/and league honors
  • Must have good IQ Recognition of players with long-term potential
  • Shows positive attitude
  • Follows code of conducts all the times

Preferred # for All American teams (up to # depends on # of nominees):

Basketball: 5 - 1st team, 5 – 2nd team, 15 – Honorable Mention 

Baseball: 10 – 1st team, 10 – 2nd team, 15 – Honorable Mention

Football: 8/11 – 1st team, 8/11 – 2nd team, 8/11 - 15 – Honorable Mention

Soccer: 10 – 1st team, 10 – 2nd team, 15 – Honorable Mention

Softball: 10 – 1st team, 10 – 2nd team, 10 – Honorable Mention

Volleyball: 6 – 1st team, 6- 2nd team, 10 – Honorable Mention

Wrestling: 14 – 1st team, 14 – 2nd team, 14 – Honorable Mention

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