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The National Deaf Interscholastic Athletic Association (NDIAA) is in their 10th season. The selection process for National Champions, Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and All-American teams were carefully debated by the NDIAA committee. The effort put forth by the committee was amazing. They were able to discuss all the factors thoroughly and make the selections together.

Please allow me to share a bit of background about NDIAA. It was established summer of 2007 at the Athletic Directors' Conference in New Mexico. A variety of Athletic Directors from deaf schools throughout the nation had the same desire: to establish a committee which consists of Athletic Directors/Supervisors, who would oversee the selection process. On the evening of the conference, the Athletic Directors officially voted to establish NDIAA and developed many ideas.

We are very much open to ideas, feedback and suggestions. We expect to see NDIAA expand through your involvement. Please share this exciting news with your friends, colleagues, alumnus and community members!



Chris Hamilton, Chairperson, Texas
Andy Bonheyo, Maryland
Matthew Eby, Wisconsin
Mary Cook, Rochester
Chris Hamilton, Texas
Billy Lange, Kentucky
Holly Reichle, Mississippi
David Del Pizzo, Marie Philip
Warren Keller, Fremont
Len Gonzales, Past Chairperson, Fremont

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