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2008 Soccer All-Americans

Co-Team of the Year - Lexington and WPSD

Co-Player of the Year - Michael Lumley – St Mary & Shaquana McDonough - TLC

Coach of the Year - Frank Wells – Lexington

First Team

Forward             Michael Lumley                  Sr.                      St. Mary’s

Unselfish player, Michael had recorded his 28 goals for his school, St. Mary’s. He just put a new record breaking on the previous record of 26 by Rusty Ornsby. He constantly had being double and triple teamed. He still managed to become the all-time career leader with 78 goals, which also beat out Ornsby. An great athlete in soccer, basketball and track for St. Mary’s and he deserved the best player on the field that his coach, Jim Carmody ever witnessed in his coaching lifetime at St. Mary’s.

Midfielder                  Richard Spiecker      Sr.                      Rochester

School’s senior captain, is a finesse player who has great ball control and has ability to see the field. He posses excellent ball skills and are always the target for the opposition. 2 players always mark him during the game. He had 14 goals and 8 assists. He also played in goal for half a game.

Stopper             Dustin Tipton             Sr.                      Kentucky

As defensive stopper, his speed kept constant pressure on the attacking player with the ball. Dustin was the fastest player on his team and faster than any player on any opposing team. Even as a stopper, his speed gave him the opportunity for a quick strike down the field and he scored goals because of his incredible speed.

He also played goalkeeper and made 45 saves for the season. Frequently made the right decision to charge out and tackle the ball instead of waiting for the shot.

Goalkeeper       Travis Zornoza          Sr.                      Kentucky

Had shared some responsible as Goalkeeper with Dustin Tipton. Extremely versatile player. Played 10 halves as GK making 34 saves. Punts and goal kicks regularly landed past mid-field. As a forward he played 12 halves making 8 goals and providing 8 assists. Team Captain. Excellent leadership. His players naturally followed his example.

Striker/MF            Shaquana McDonough   Sr.             Learning Center

An outstanding athlete has completed the season with a total of 41 goals and 17 assists (which includes both Girls League and COED Varsity games). She was the top offensive leader for the GIL (Girls Independent League). She was also chosen the state of Massachusetts as the Bay State Games Athlete of the Year. She is also member of the National Deaf Women’s soccer team and is on the roster for the Deaflympics 2009.

Fullback            Derrick Lee                Sr.                      Lexington

Derrick had selected to IPPSAL All conference. He has been a great fullback for the last five years. Derrick started every game for FIVE years. He has the speed to prevent forwards bringing the ball over to score goals. His teammate goalies in the past have thanked him for making their job easier. He led the team as a Captain and was a great leader as well.

Midfielder                  Sheldon Clarke                  Jr.                       Lexington

Lexington’s one of Dark Horse player, Sheldon has demonstrated a major improvement in his soccer skills. He led his team with 7 assists and 2 goals. He made some wonderful passes and set up some great pass that led Lexington attack on opponent’s goalie.

Striker               Angel Ortiz                 Jr.                       Lexington

Angel had 20 goals, 5 assists and 122 shots. He was selected to IPPSAL All conference, PSAA All conference, PSAA MVP award, and Metro All Star team. Coach Frank Wells mentioned that he is great player. He put his role model to others on the team to compete against. Soccer is his natural talent and his favorite sport as well. He can do it all on the field including goalie. He led team in goals scored and is second on the team with assists.

Striker               Jeremy Wagoner       Sr.                      WPSD

Jeremy had 23 goals and 17 assists. Great passer and powerful kicker.

Right Wing        Wayne Jennings       Jr.              New Jersey

Wayne had 4 goals and 9 assist this year. He was selected All Star under Metro Soccer tourney. One of three captains on NJSD team. His coach described him as roadrunner on his team.

Fullback            Ryan Dievart              Jr.                       WPSD

WPSD’s Defensive Mainstay (did not play in two games (both games lost) due to hamstring.

Sweeper            Wilson Velez              Sr.             Learning Center

Wilson is a senior who transferred to TLC several years ago.  He really Helped put the Galloping Ghosts on the map with his speed, aggression, and desire to win.  He started as a defender for us a few years ago and evolved as a better player, and we moved him to striker where he darts through any defense for creative goals.  Together with teammate Shaquana, the duo was unstoppable on offense.  Wilson can play any position needed for the team.  He has been all-American, as well as nesdaa best offensive player.

Second Team

Midfielder                  Jordan Marcotte       Sr.             Rhode Island

Jordan played most on center midfielder, had 9 goals and 21 shots on goal. He got all star at New England Soccer tournament. He was the backbone of his team. Played tough on defense with great skill. He also displayed good leadership for his young players.

Fullback            Joey Mattiace            Jr.              New Jersey

Great defense player and had lot experience in playing defense area. He set a great communicator with his teammate goalie. He also sparred his time as goalie against all deaf schools. He made 90 saves in 5 games and 1 against hearing team.

Goalkeeper       Adam Pagan               Jr.                       Lexington

Adam played great goalie of his team. He contributed with 189 saves for his team and led them to win ESDAA Metro Soccer tournament. He only let 20 goals against him this season. His 189 saves had set the most saves in Lexington’s last six years of soccer.

Midfielder                  Adam Duty                  Sr.                      WPSD

WPSD’s offensive catalyst. He had 17 goals and 14 assists.

Forward             Dequan Thomas        Jr.                       American

He had 9 goals and 1 assist this year.

Midfielder                  Mark Sperr                 Jr.                       Rochester

As midfielder for Rochester, he was selected all star at Northern Region Tournament and WNYCAA league all star. He stepped up his game this year both offensively and defensively. He worked hard in the off-season and practice to develop his skills. He gained both speed and strength. His aggressive and defensive stop was big difference in the game. He took all corner kicks and free kick for his team this year. He finished with five goals and four assists.

Midfielder                  Randy Spann             Sr.             Pennsylvania

Randy played much different position for PSD’s soccer team this year. He made 24 saves in 3 games this year and included 2 goals in 5 games. Fast runner and sparked the team offense. He played well under stress, communicated well with his team members and put lot of respected on opponents. He showed great enthusiasm and put love for the game.

Goal Keeper     Dakota Tellander       Sr.                      Rochester

Dakota was selected to all stars at Northern Regional tourney and WNYCAA All Star. He played goalkeeper for both the indoor and outdoor team this year. He has really developed into a fine keeper. He also has a good understanding of the angles involved and has worked on his aggressiveness in the goal area. He recorded 149 saves on the year.

Stopper             Ben Letendre            Jr.              Learning Center

Benjamin is one of the smartest soccer players that TLC has on the field.  He alternates between sweeper and center midfielder and often carries the team with his great passing and setting beautiful plays.  In the past Ben did win best defensive player for Nesdaa and this year was voted all-star for the MBIL League.  Ben is always motivated to do well in every game and works hard in practice.

Goalkeeper       David Wantuck          Sr.                      St.Mary’s

David recorded 264 saves this season. In addition he became the all-time career saves record holder with 812 saves. He has tremendous wing span in net and possesses great natural size as well. He is very knowledgeable at his postion and reads the opposing players well when they are on the attack. The most respected goalie in our league.

Honorable Mention

Stopper             Courtney Huru           Jr.              Learning Center

Courtney is a defender who leads as a sweeper on the girls’ varsity team. She helped lead both girl’s varsity and coed varsity to many shutout games.  Huru has always been a good soccer player with her speed and knowledge of the game, but has improved tremendously over the last 2 years with dominating the back end and strength and aggression. Many players feel safe knowing if she is on their defensive end.

Left Fullback     Lauren Sprague                 Jr.              Learning Center

Lauren is a power defender that dominates on both the girls’ varsity and coed varsity teams. She is also the person with the most playing minutes, because of her aggressiveness, consistency and stamina. Lauren is also one of the most improved players on the team, as her power kick has gained much yardage and her focus is greater than ever.  Sprague's sister Danielle is also a former all-American.

Fullback            Joe Gareri                           Jr.              Rhode Island

Won most outstanding defense player at New England Tourney. He was a strong player who made a lot of good quick decisions at fullback and made a lot of good aggressive stops when the other team was about to score.

Fullback            Cory Fiordaliso          Jr.              New Jersey

Cory improved his skills on defensive area and was able to stop so nearer-goals. Gained his knowledge about the job as defensive player.

Defense           Brister Campbell       Sr.                      WPSD

Brister showed his improvements under defensive skills. Compared to his last year and this year, Brister jumped big improvement

Midfielder                 Jeremy Lloyd             Sr.                      NYSSD

Another captain of NYSSD’s, was selected to second team All League. He also picked Most Improved Player Award, had 7 goals and 3 assists during the season.

Goalkeeper       Hector Rivera            Soph                           American

Hector did outstanding job with defense position with communication skills. He worked hard to encourage other player to work harder. He made 79 percentages save on goalie.

GoalKeeper     Irick Carter                 Jr.                       NYSSD

One of NYSSD’s captain, was selected to first team All League North Country Athletic Conference, Had 131 recorded saves during the season. He only allowed 16 goals on the 147 shots. Had 89.1 save percentage this year.

Offense            Derek Possumato     Sr.                      WPSD

17 goals and 9 assists.

FWD/Halfback   Dani Quiroz                Sr.             New Jersey

Dani had 9 goals and 7 assists, made on Metro deaf All-star. He had been on NJSD soccer team for the past 4 years. He played as midfield, right halfback and sometimes played as middle forward. He is from other country and grew up on playing soccer in his life. Experienced player always prepared for any practice and loves this sport very much.

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